Chrome Extension 101

Trinsly Chrome Extension 101

Download the Trinsly Chrome Extension

Make sure you are maximizing Trinsly by Downloading the extension from the Chrome Store. This extension will be an extension of your work and allow you to have personalized recruiting at scale.

Pin the Trinsly Chrome Extension

Once you've Downloaded the extension from the Chrome Store, we recommend pinning it for easy access. Simply click on the puzzle icon at the top of your browser, and then click on the pin icon next to Trinsly Extension icons. Now, the Trinsly Extension icon will appear to the left of the puzzle icon at all times.


Find and Validate Prospect Information

To make sure you are spending quality time, we allow you to Find and Validate Prospect Information prior to adding a candidate to a specific campaign. We want to make sure you are following best practices from your email provider and also maximizing your time!



Add or Edit Campaigns

Once you have found your ideal candidate, leverage our Extension to add them to an already created Campaign, or edit a new one all within the Extension.


No need to toggle between browsers, or copy and paste information over and over.

Collaborate with Team Members

Be able to focus on your job and not be bogged down with checking if someone is already in your team's pipeline. With Trinsly you can know if a team member has reached out, what stage of conversation they are in, and even how the candidate responded.


Create and Send Customized Outreach

Leverage the ability to edit and change the Campaign cadence and content directly from the Trinsly Extension to add a personalized touch.

Within the Extension you can edit existing Campaigns or create new ones specific for a candidate. You can also add a custom approach that will make your outreach standout!