Trinsly and Crelate

Trinsly’s integration makes it a snap to immediately update and add prospects to personalized candidate outreach or to push new prospects back into Crelate. With a few simple steps, Trinsly enables Crelate users the ability to leverage and update their existing prospects from the Trinsly platform. Plus, since Trinsly doesn't require any clunky end-user software installation process, you can spend your time creating custom campaigns. This allows yourself and your team members to collaborate and automate your processes.

1. Log into the Trinsly platform.

2. On the left hand side of the platform, select the Integrations tab

3. Once inside the Integrations page, select New Integration

4. Under Choose Integration, select Crelate


5. Then add your Crelate API Key when prompted

6. Click Submit Integration when complete



: Access role must be Trinsly Admin in order to set up the integration.